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We fuel up your gas cylinder or LPG tank quick and safely!

Skepplanda (Knuts väg 40)
Monday  14-18
Wednesday  14-18
Saturday    11-14


Stenungsund (Verkstadsvägen 5)
Mon-fri 830-16.30 (Lunch 12-13)
Saturday 10-14


Fjärås (Fjärås industriväg 6)
Tuesday   14-18
Wednesday 16-19
Saturday   10-14


Uddevalla (Herrestads Torsberg 820)
  • Tue-Fri: 11-17

  • Sat: 11-15

All our stations are closed:

Red Days, Easter Eve, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve.


Gasolfyllning Stenungsund


We mainly deal with sale of LPG and welding gases to both companies and private individuals around western Sweden.

We do everything we can to maintain as high a level of service but above all as low prices as possible at our facilities, in order for us to be able to cope with this, however, as a customer you have to put up with limited opening hours and not all too central locations of our installations.


The price of LPG is, like other fuel/energy prices, variable and consists of several parts. The fuel itself (propane traded in US dollars), energy tax, carbon dioxide tax, transport costs, our surcharge and VAT. The price is thus affected by world market prices and the dollar exchange rate as well as by political decisions. 


We continuously adjust the price both upwards and downwards based on our purchase price, our price right now is SEK 36/kg. You will only pay for quantity filled, not for the gas remaining in the bottle!

With us, it is fine to pay in cash and all types of credit cards

Gasolfyllning Stenngsund


At our facility in Stenungsund, we have a small show-room with gas-powered grills, stoves, pizza ovens, terrace heaters, etc.

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